Getting started with HopToDesk

When it comes to accessing your computer remotely many potential users are intimidated due to lack of networking knowledge or computer skills. There are some applications that can be quite technical and involve firewall settings changes or port configuration changes that are beyond day-to-day user's expertise. However, HopToDesk makes it easy, especially if you have never used remote desktop software before.

To begin, we will walk your through how to get started using HopToDesk and accessing any device from anywhere in the world.

HopToDesk offer a wide range of platform compatibility. On the home screen select the platform (Windows, Mac, Android, etc.) that you would like to use and click the download button. Open the downloaded file and continue to run the application. Repeat this process on any other devices you want to access remotely.

To make an outgoing connection, make sure the app is opened on the device you want to control and the device you will be controlling from. Make sure to note the device ID (unique number located at top left corner) and password. From your HopToDesk app, type in the device ID of the device you want to access in the fillable space at top center of the app under "Control Remote Desktop" and click the blue "Connect" button.

Your device will then make a secure connection to the other device associated with that ID. Once connected you can either manual accept the connection from the other device or you can bypass with the password. The password is located under each ID number in the app. Remember you will need the password for the device you are accessing. Specific device IDs and passwords can be save for faster access and given nicknames.

Once a connection is established you will have remote control over that device. The outgoing connection device will show as a window on your device. You can zoom in/ out via the options at top the connect window for better viewing. Transfer file option can easily exchange files between the devices as well.

At HopToDesk our aim is to be the most secured and easily accessible remote desk top software out there. We are constantly building and improving and would love to hear from our users, please let us know what you want and how we can better serve you.