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  • Real-time device monitoring
  • All your devices in one location
  • Designed for Professionals
  • Easy Link Share
HopToDesk Dashboard Systems
Dashboard serves as a web-based command center for remotely controlling devices. Effortlessly invite and manage remote devices while monitoring their connection status.
Dashboard is designed for businesses, IT professionals, and anyone seeking efficient management of multiple remote devices.
Yes, during our beta release, registration is open to everyone at no cost. Simply click the Sign Up button to create your account.
To register, we only need your email address and a password. This enables you to access your account from anywhere.
Yes, for the Dashboard to establish connections with remote devices, you must have the HopToDesk application installed and synchronized, preferably using the latest version.
Inviting others is as simple as sharing a link. Within your Dashboard, click the "create link" button, which will copy your invite link to the clipboard. Share this link with any device you wish to display on your Dashboard. When clicked, the HopToDesk application will be downloaded to the remote device and will appear on your controller's Dashboard once it's running.
Yes, just click the plus icon at the top right of the device list and enter the ID for the device you wish to add. The default status will be offline, you must first connect to the device to become linked to the dashboard and for the online status to show correctly.
To use the device group feature, first create a group name by clicking the Add Group menu option on the left menu and enter a group name. The group name will then be added to the list of group names next to each device in the Available Devices list. You can select which group to assign the device, then click the desired group name on the left menu to filter only by devices in that group.
When you are logged into the dashboard, near the bottom of the screen you will see a Network Configuration section. To use your own HopToDesk network or make other changes related to the network configuration, select the Customize Network option. You can define the Custom Network URL to use with HopToDesk that will load your network settings. Please see our Knowledgebase article on the API Override and custom JSON file for more information setting up and configuring your custom network.