HopToDesk started with a need for high security, easy to use, cross-platform remote control software for individuals and businesses alike. Founded in 2022, we have been working to understand and meet the needs of remote desktop users by continuously improving the product and service.

For more than a decade, the industry has been dominated primarily by a few solutions: higher cost providers that monitor and track their users while making a distinction between personal and business use, or free products that are often difficult to use as they may require manual router configuration to work properly and often lack support for various platforms. Originally forked from RustDesk, HopToDesk has implemented a number of networking and security improvements with a long term goal of becoming a mass market product comparable to AnyDesk, TeamViewer, or LogMeIn.

We strive to provide a better solution by offering a product that enables end-to-end encryption by default between all connected devices and thus can not monitor user activity or make distinction between personal and business use. In addition to privacy, security, and ease-of-use, HopToDesk tries to maintain a frequent release schedule, for all users. This means continuous free updates for both personal and business uses with our permissive licensing.

HopToDesk is completely free for both personal and business use under a fair usage policy. In the future we plan to continually add new features and network upgrades. We want our users to know our network will be highly stable and secure. In addition, we plan to release a business platform geared toward our heavy users that will be very competitively priced. The current HopToDesk software and service will continue to remain free.